Established since 1994, TKO Band based out of Baltimore,Maryland has performed songs from a variety of artists.  TKO has something for everyone.  Whether it’s Big Band, Country, Classic Rock, Jazz, Latin or Ballroom Tunes, We will customize a great mix selected for a specific audience at any event.  Bring all the TKO selections under one roof and you hear a wide variety of music from every era, from 1940 to the present.  Specializing in capturing the spirit of the original song as well as the melody, TKO will satisfy all age groups.  TKO normally performs as a 5 PC. group at an affordable price.  We are also available for smaller events/halls and budgets as a 3 p.c or 4 p.c group.

We always dress uniformly as a band, weddings/anniversaries – tuxedo a must.  We provide a nice visual presentation to those who prefer to just look and listen.

We have a live horn section: 

We can also do polish ethnic weddings: apron dance/small dance/unveiling etc.We also perform at German Oktoberfest,Italian/Irish etc….

We also do polkas, waltzes, oberek at requested events/festivals.  We even do the chicken dance/line dances on request. Oktoberfest/Italian/Irish etc.

Information: 410 404-3416     kennytkoband@gmail.com

TKO NYE 2017